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L.G.L. ELECTRONICS S.p.A. was established in 1982 in Bergamo, a highly industrialized province of Northern Italy.

With 30 years’ experience, L.G.L. ELECTRONCIS is specialized in the development and manufacturing of yarn feeders both for weaving and knitting machines.

Since 1993 L.G.L. has been Total Quality Certified ISO 9001, ensuring to customers high quality and reliable products.

In 2004 a daughter company, LGL Hangzhou, was established in China; the plant consists of manufacturing, sales and after-sales divisions, to efficiently serve Far-Eastern markets.

L.G.L. boasts a world-wide presence in the market with a first class after-sales service.

L.G.L. is recognised all over the world as a leading supplier offering the most innovative solutions for feeding yarn.
A recent significant result is a new range of electronic brakes driven by tension sensors.
By monitoring the yarn tension in real time along the insertion, the overall stress on the yarn is reduced and the performance increased.

Environmental Technology: since long LGL is allocating substantial investments to the development and production of electronic feeders able to promote sustainable management of the resources.
In 2011 the first Green Label has been attributed to “Compact”: an energy-efficient electronic feeder with low environmental impact.

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